Characteristic of Fork type products:

  1. It is available to be used with pallets.
  2. Forks are used Japanese high tension steel plate which is stronger than general steel. High tension steel plate is thinner and lighter than tranditonal steel, it's also lightweight and move easily.
  3. Operation easily in narrow place.
  4. Operator can handle our battery lift equipment without licence.
  5. Speed of rise and descend can be adjustable.
  6. All models of load over 650kgs append auxiliary handle to help of rotary using(Except for Hand Pallet Trucks).
  7. According to variety environment, users can choose different accessories. Customers can select table top. After installing table top, it can be used a general table. Multiple function, not only environmentally friendly and reduse costs!
  8. Control mode is Safety and convenient Foot-down with hand-pull control, release to stop the action. It is adopted 2 position control lever, press tightly and descend fast; press loosely and descend slowly.
  9. Speed of descend can be adjustable. It can rise hundred times after charging for eight hours.
  10. To protect Earth, we all use lead free paint and also use powder painted which painted into table that prevent the paint coming off.