Are we able to renewal circulating oil of Battery Powered Lift Table by ourselves?

Yes, we recommend that you use the R-32 engine oil. The following is replacement step: 

  • Rising the table before pulling safety plate out and lay it down.
  • After laying safety plate down, against the table base then it can start to be repaired. (Note: if it isn't necessary, please don't operate it when it is loading.)
  • Loose the oil tube and leak the oil.
  • Please remember to clear oil inside it until hearing the "pu-pu-pu" sound.
  • Lock the tube tightly
  • Switch on the knob and level rod is inside.
  • Fill oil in the oil box.
  • Put level rod into it and take a measure. It just be half covered by oil.

If there is any question, please contact us.

About Lift Table, which part is consumed frequently?

Oil seal might be wear and oil is usually leaked if it used for a while so oil seal have to be replaced.
It is difficult to judge saying how long need to be changed. It depends on your use frequency.
Some customer change the oil seal after ten years usage. Basically, we offer one year free warranty if product is used under normal situation. You don't worry about it.

Do we need to do extra maintenance such as supplying oil if we purchase your products?

If there is no oil leakage, you don't need to supply extra oil. If you would like to keep product in good condition, you can use the air gun blow off the dust in case the dust impair the quality.

Which voltage options for Battery Series Table? How to use the battery?

The following is description of voltage and battery: 

  • There are only two voltage can be selected for Battery Powered Lift Table. There are 110V/single-phase, 220V/3 phase, 220V/single-phase, 380V/3 phase can be selected for Table.
  • About battery, we don't recommend you are using the product during battery charging. We also don't recommend you charge it until ran out of power, just like cellphone. It is not good for machine if it is completely no power.
    There are three color of light on the machine. (red, yellow, green)
    Green: Power is more than 80~90%.
    Yellow: Power is more than 40~50%.
    Red: Power is only 20~30%. You need to charge it soon.