Accuplus Company explores customers' requirements of machine in factory carefully, and do pre-operation of industry researching automatic planning.

Step 1


We communicate with customers attentively. Aim to high productivity, high lifting frequency, low labor and within budget limitation, we offers professional planning by minimum costs. We try do our effort to know what customers really want and meet their requirements. We also lead to semi-automatic, automatic and full automatic.

Step 2


We can integrate the hardware and software of the equipment then connection. Automated integrated not only can let customer have high competitive of productivity, but also can have advantage in machine and human resource management.

Step 3


We can manufacture machine according to the requirements of customer. Whether transform current machine or from nothing to customize machine, we check and manufacture strictly in order to provide the highest quality.

Step 4

Education Training

Offering service in with patient and caring spirit, and we provide complete education training after machine delivery, including machine operation, software setting, routine maintenance, trouble resolving, and after-sales service. We assist the customer to do automated production online in the shortest time, and bring the efficient productivity.

Step 5

BOT-Machine operating (Customize)

After the installation, in order to let customer have much abundant time on man power change over, we can arrange the temporary worker for the customer to support the production line. The customer doesn't need to concern the shortage of productivity during the change-over period.

Step 6