Can the lift table install the limit switches?

There are two type of limit switches: 

  • Continuous limit switch (one touch): Press the button it will rise up to the height which limit switch set up.
  • Discontinuous limit switch (jog): Before reaching the pre-set height, it can be stop at any height you request. It also can be stopped at pre-set height accurately.

Is there any other safety device besides the option Accordion, Pinched protection device, Emergency stop button?

Buzzer: It can make loud sound to notice people while table is being used.

About Super Low Lift Table, is there option function of safety device?

There are several option for reference: 

  • Anti-Pinched protection device can be installed for Super Low Lift Table.
  • Accordion can be installed. It is extend out from table so the table size will be larger.
  • Trust bearing plate can be installed on Heavy Duty Lift Table but cannot on Super Low Lift Table.
  • Emergency stop button can be option. (It is usually installed on the table which need continuous action. It also can be installed if there is no continuous action with table but it is not meaningful.)

How to adjust the throttle of Lift Table?

Throttle is installed nearby oil outlet of table. There are "+" and "-" two directions, operation of it is just like a water tap. If it is turned to "+", increasing oil and the dropping speed will be accelerated; on contrary, if it is turned to "-", decreasing oil and the dropping speed will be slowly.

Is Lifting Tilt Truck only able to dump when it is up to specify height?

DR25MH: It is available to dump until up to 700mm.
DR25TH/DR25THB: It is available to dump until up to 1400mm.
HTR25 Series: It is available to dump at any height. Maximum height can up to 1591mm.

Is the bucket material of Tilt Truck able to be changed?

Yes, to meet food processing safety, all buckets of Tilt Trucks can be changed to stainless steel material.

What is the difference between general hydraulic motor and long-term used mot?
  • On maintenance manual, for general hydraulic motor, oil is suggested to be replaced within one years. For long-term used motor, oil is suggested to be replaced within four to five years.
  • Due to concerned about long-term used, long-term used motor is overheating so there is built-in cooling system which can reduce oil pressure. Therefore, hydraulic components life inside long-term used motor is longer than general hydraulic motor.
  • Durability is more than twice than general hydraulic motor. External hydraulic motor is easier to maintenance and repair.

About Stainless BX Series, does the oil cylinder be made of stainless steel?

Yes, oil cylinder is stainless steel. Except for the components inside oil cylinder such as spring, steel ball which are difficult to offer stainless steel, other parts are stainless steel (included wheel and spider)

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