• Stainless BX Series
  • Stainless BX Series
  • Stainless BX Series
  • Stainless BX Series
  • Stainless BX Series
  • Stainless BX Series
Product Description

Convenient, mobility, no limitation by space of table, it can be used at warehouse logistics, production progress, goods storage, electronic industry, hypermarket, retail industry and so on. It can be used on loading of truck or pallet racking and handling of business machine, tooling changing and handling. They also can be used at process operation and applied to variety factories.

Product Specifications
  1. Capacity:100Kgs~500Kgs
  2. Table Height:750mm~1020mm


  Model Capacity
Table Siz
L x W (mm)
Table Max Height
Table Min Height
L x W x H (mm)
Strokes to Max Height Wheel Size Wheel Material Weight
BXS-10T 100 700x450 750 223 860x450x820 15 times 100∅ stainless+Nylon 33
BXS-20T 200 815x500 880 288 1010x500x900 25 times 100∅ stainless+PU 69
BXS-50T 500 1010x520 1020 438 1191x520x900 50 times 150∅ stainless+PU 112
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Examples of use

Illustrating of Stainless APS Series - APS10 :
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