• Pallet Trucks, Electric and Manual Pallet Jacks
  • Pallet Trucks, Electric and Manual Pallet Jacks
Product Description
  • Extremely strong
    The base is used Japanese high tension steel plate which is stronger than general steel. High tension steel plate is thinner and lighter than tranditonal steel, it's also lightweight and move easily.
    Hydraulic cylinder adopts piston propulsion. Sealed part, take U packing to reduce oil spilt cause by declined situation.
  • Take the using environment in consideration, it also can be used in particular environment
    In order to protect the Earth, it is painted with lead free paint. Frozen industry of -15 degrees Celsius also can use this product.
  • Mostly specific models are in stock, delivery is short
    AM25M and AM25LL are popular models. Both of them have stock in Taiwan.
  • Market share is over 80 percent in Japan
    And accumulative sales figure has already more than 126 millio. It’s a Iconic brand in Japan
  • Strong operational performance
    Rotary shift of pallet is composed by two thrust bearings so it can be operated smoothly in the loading situation. It is used self-developed polyurethane wheels. According to our test results, it only needs 7kg to start when it is full load.
Product Specifications
  • Capacity:25000Kgs~3000Kgs


  Model No Capacity(kg) Fork Min Height(mm) Fork Max Heigh (mm) Fork Length(mm) Fork Width (mm)
BM-25SS 2500 80 200 810 520
BM-25M 2500 80 200 1070 520
BM-25M-L 2500 65 165 1070 520
BM-25L 2500 80 200 1150 1150
BM-30M 3000 83 203 1070 520
BM-25C 2500 80 200 1070 685
BM-25LL 2500 80 200 1220 685
BM-25LL-L 2500 65 165 1220 685
BM-30LL 3000 83 203 1220 685
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Product Description

Optional Features

  • Bogie Wheels

  • Parking Brake

  • Wheels

  • Wheels

Examples of use

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